Our mission is to create a constructive community of artists where learning can flourish and be encouraged. Bonsai has not been the most welcoming community, here there will be a change. 

A secondary objective is to bring and create high quality bonsai pottery in the United States. The bonsai container is a neglected aspect of American bonsai. A beautiful bonsai without an equally exquisite container is an incomplete composition. To improve bonsai pot construction in the US, scouting and support of local talent will be paramount. Additional to local sponsorship will be the importation of quality ceramic ware to help provide examples and inspiration for bonsai pots in the west. 

Finally, improvement of the cultivation of bonsai will be developed through lectures and blog posts, focusing on advanced horticultural techniques. Communal horticultural advancement will help grow the art form and expand the realm of bonsai possibility. 


About the Company


Founded in 2018 by Paul Stephan. Paul is a bonsai practitioner with a professional education in the study of plants. Taught with a focus in agricultural crops he seeks to create a bridge between modern agricultural knowledge and bonsai cultivation. Additional to his study of plants and bonsai is the world of ceramics. An advocate for the creation, importation and education of high quality ceramics is an essential core value.